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Rich Leivenberg

Rich Leivenberg

RICHIEmarketing is a full-service marketing and PR company devoted to increasing your visibility. We get your message out through public relations, social media, the written word and graphic presence.

We blog, tweet, post, write, talk and yell from the highest treetops so that everyone knows your name and your game.

Wading through the mass of today’s media, RICHIEmarketing brings your message to the public. We get Social Media and will manage your Twitter and Facebook marketing efforts to increase brand awareness to customers and clients alike. Using both the latest technology and good old-fashioned networking, RICHIEmarketing makes sure the world knows you.

Led by Rich Leivenberg, whose resume includes more than 25 years as a writer, publicist and corporate executive, RICHIEmarketing works with the most influential list of contacts including editors, writers, bloggers and industry executives to ensure that your brand is seen, heard and sold.

As you can see from our client list, we are a full-service communications firm with the uncanny ability to work in a variety of industries but focused on the same goal: to get your message out, clearly, comprehensively and creatively.

Among the Services RICHIEmarketing offers are:

  • Formulating PR plans
  • Product packaging and launch
  • Social Media marketing Twitter, Facebook & Beyond
  • Development of Press materials
  • Product sales via in-house brokerage service

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