For more than 91 years, the family-run Fosselman’s, operating a small Midwestern style “shoppe” in Southern California, has been making premium ice cream the old fashion way: hand-packed using only the finest and richest ingredients. RichieMarketing has taken on the enviable task of bringing Fosselman’s myriad of flavors (Horchata, Mango, Green Tea as well as the classics) to the food service marketplace. Voted “Best Milkshake in the World,” Fosselman’s also offers restaurants the ability to recreate their famous shakes using a customized formula.

How about a taste of Costa Rica in your bar or on your menu? Jungle Pulp provides authentic Costa Rican flavors — Mango, Guava, Passion Fruit and more — in rich, pasteurized purees. From margaritas to custom chicken and fish entree’s to delectable salsas and appetizers, nothing beats the fresh and pure taste of Costa Rica.

The venerable Hollywood Power Breakfast spot Hugo’s Restaurant celebrates its 30th anniversary and enlisted RICHIEmarketing to make sure the world was aware. We used a synergistic campaign of traditional PR and Social Marketing to build awareness among bloggers, writers, TV and radio programs while simultaneously amassing hundreds of new “followers.” We also announced the grand opening of the chain’s 3rd location and instituted a socially networked promo that had diners post “My Favorite Meal at Hugo’s” and then win prizes for the best responses.

RICHIEmarketing teams with The Food Connector, which creates and manages sales and marketing strategies for consumer food brands nationally.

California Frozen Poppers is America’s First Frozen Popcorn company. With more than 45 gourmet flavors that are gluten-free, vegan and made without those pesky GMO’s, Frozen Poppers are hot…well, actually frozen. RICHIEmarketing is taking them to market, so look for them soon in the frozen section of your grocery store.

Lenny and Larry is the premier maker of All-Natural, High-Protein baked snacks. RICHIEmarketing markets the Lenny and Larry Muscle Brownies, Cookies and Candy Bars to grocery, airports, schools and colleges nationally.

Southern California’s top commercial bakery Giuliano’s has been providing baked goods to the foodservice industry for more than 30 years. RICHIEmarketing sells Giulano’s bakery goods to fine restaurants nationally.

Chicago and Alan Klehr Photography are synonymous. Alan Klehr is the foremost photographer of Chicago – the city, the skyline, the people and the places they go. RICHIEmarketing has provided ongoing marketing and public relations support to Churchill + Klehr.

The Next Idea, which provides comprehensive operational, marketing and design support to restaurants and the hospitality industry, is busting at the seams.  Clients don’t want franchises.  They want to create their own brands and The Next Idea helps them do just that.  As for RICHIEmarketing, well, we just get the word out as fast and as globally as we can.

Liguria Foods makes very fine pepperoni for very fine restaurants.  That is, if you are using Liguria pepperoni, you are very fine indeed. RICHIEmarketing produces the newsletter and blogs for Liguria. That’s spicy!

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