Social Media Marketing

The world is beset by chatter, or should we say Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and an assortment of social media that is mind-bending. How does a company utilize this new media to create credible visibility and branding for itself? This is one of today’s most essential marketing questions. Richiemarketing will establish a workable slate of social media that fits your company or service. We provide the kind of “conversation” that gets people talking about you. We make sure the right people are following you, ramp up that following and provide a complete and accurate analysis of the social media strategies. We make sure that social media gets your message out!

Blogging is also one of our specialties. Let a professional translate your ideas in salient, meaningful and eminently readable prose. From fashion to food to sports, entertainment and beyond, no subject is out of our realm of expertise (except bio-physics).

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