Your Story


Everyone has a story to tell. It is our job to tell it in a funny, serious, creative, genuine, mythological, bigger-than-life, actual and sincere way that allows your audience/customer to see exactly what it is they are getting. Your story is a reflection of who you are and what you want to be.

We can make you bigger than life, target your audience, spread the word in a way that reflects the nature of your product/service with the idea that everyone knows your name.

We can name your product, service or company; package and merchandise your product or service; set up your marketing strategies; communicate to the world what you are doing and why.

We like to think of PR as a form of translation: translating your idea, the one that is in your head, the vision and the goal, to your prospective audience. This may sound simple and it often times is but it may also involve a complex and well-thought-out process that gives life to your story and longevity to your company/idea.

One of the things we have found among people with a product or service who are looking to market their wares is that they dont give much thought to how to it will get done, having spent most of their time figuring out how to make their product or hone their service.

That is our job. Give us your Wish List. Tell us where you would like to be seen and heard.

We will tailor your message so that it makes sense to the media. We will reach out via traditional forms of press releases, phone calls and emails to the many contacts we have made and to those we think should know about you. We will extend your visibility via blogging and Social Media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Tell us your story and RICHIEmarketing will tell the world!

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